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External Access for vm running inside OCP cluster

While exploring the material in the DO316 documentation, I encountered information about the "nmstate" operator and its potential role in facilitating external access. Our specific use case involves a VM running inside the OpenShift cluster, with a MariaDB service hosted on port 3306(mariadb instace not container based but normal). Notably, Iam nterested in achieving external access to this MariaDB service, and  particularly interested in understanding if this can be accomplished with a single NIC configuration on the worker nodes.

If feasible, we are open to exploring options such as employing the use of "macvlan" to configure multiple interfaces on the worker nodes and attach to vm using nmstate operator or other operator. I believe this could potentially address our requirement for external access. Please be informed that all nodes are equipped with a single network interface card (NIC). Your expert insights and guidance on this matter would be greatly valued.

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