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Kustomize and Helm in EX288 v4.6

Hello Redhatters, 

I plan to take the EX288 v4.6 exam very soon.

I reviewed the exam objectives and it appears that deploying apps with helm and kustomize are covered in the exam scope.

Since I attended the version 4.5 of the course, those tools don't neither exist in the guided exercices at the end of each chapter nor in the course review labs.

Would anyone kindly help me with how to study for them in order to well prepare for my exam ?

would helm and kustomize be pre-installed in the exam environment or should I install them myself ? 


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Hi Rasha,

If you have a learning subscription, you could take the new topics about helm from the updated DO288v4.6.

I confess I'm not a helm expert but you could start searching for all posts about Helm on the Red Hat Developers web site:

This one looks like a nice starting point. It is a free course that you can take on your own and provide a cloud-based OpenShift lab:


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