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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

LAB Do280 Managing Workloads


I am learning Exercise Managing Workload, When i am trying to update the spec image value to " and then click save, then  showing message " books has been updated to version 137484. after that I switch to check status of Pod in Overview section, but Pod is not coming up.

Below setups are run multiple times, but still pod is not coming up, 

Click the YAML tab at the top of the Deployment Details page to navigate to the YAML editor and fix the issue. Update the spec image value to '' and then click Save.

When OpenShift updates a deployment resource while you are attempting to update it, the YAML editor will not allow you to save your changes without fetching the latest version first. If this happens, click Reload, perform the edit again, and then click Save.

Kindly help me , What is the issue ? and How I can start the Pod ?



Raj Batra 


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