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OpenShift Container Platform authorisation using Azure AD

Hi! I am able to authenticate in OpenShift Container Platform using Azure AD(AAD). As a next step i would like to assign cluster roles(e.g cluster-admin) to users from azure portal. Is it possible or we need to handle this from OCP portal/cli?
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Hi @bmukherjee007 !

Thanks for reaching out !

As far as I know it is possible ,When you configure Azure AD integration with your OpenShift  cluster, you create a trust relationship between your Azure AD tenant and your OpenShift cluster. This trust relationship allows you to use Azure AD to authenticate users and to assign RBAC roles to users. This can be done via azure portal and CLI both ( However I am not 100% sure about it ). 

You need a product support here - so please raise a support case to Red Hat Openshift product  support here : and our engineering team will help you on the same. 

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