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OpenShift Is a orgin of docker and Kubernertes to Maintain Cluster of Container..

yes, it is but how?

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This is the short version: and others can contribute longer stories.

OpenShift is not an "origin", nor is it upstream of Docker.

Docker provides a container format (how containers are built), and a container runtime (the software to run a container).

OpenShift uses Docker to run containers, but containers need to be orchestrated, and that's where Kubernetes comes in.

But Kubernetes on its own has a number of deficiencies, which is where OpenShift comes in.

At Red Hat, we provide OpenShift Container Platform, which is stable and is Red Hat supported, and OKD which is the upstream project which OpenShift Container Platform is built from. This features cutting edge developments in in our product, which is not supported.

I often engage with customers about what OpenShift brings to the table, that Kubernetes doesn't. Have a look here for more information and continue to engage with us to learn more!


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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

To add to what @ricardodacosta noted, OpenShift incorporates additional features beyond just the container orchestration provided by the docker and kubernetes components, to make it more like a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) than just a container orchestration platform. These features include Developer tools, Application Services, Cluster Services like integrated cluster metrics & log aggregation, etc

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