OpenShift course DO180

I'm having a problem with step 5.5 in the 4.10 documentation.  The instructions say to do...

[student]git push --set-upstream origin testsbranch

The instructor was prompted with a dialog box, and he entered his github username and password one after another in the dialog.  I was not prompted by a dialog.  So I tried entering them via the command line like so:  

[student]git push --set-upstream origin testsbranch  gitusername  gitpassword

where gitusername: is my github username in lowercase, and gitpassword is the token value that I generated in the earlier instructions and stored in my main directory as token.  

I get errors from git saying no such user and no such password. 

Please help!  I'm stuck!


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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist


And just to be sure you prepared the classroom environment per section 1.7: Guided Exercise: Configuring the Classroom Environment ? 

I'm also assuming you did a clone first and checked out the testsbranch then tried to push? 

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist


What is the output of that command without username/password?

git push --set-upstream origin testsbranch

Also, are you running the regular Gnome environment?

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