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Mission Specialist

Openshift Local (CRC) On Windows Failed

please help:

INFO Checking minimum RAM requirements
INFO Checking if running in a shell with administrator rights
INFO Checking Windows release
INFO Checking Windows edition
INFO Checking if Hyper-V is installed and operational
INFO Checking if Hyper-V service is enabled
INFO Checking if crc-users group exists
INFO Checking if current user is in crc-users and Hyper-V admins group
INFO Checking if vsock is correctly configured
INFO Checking if the daemon task powershell script is present
INFO Checking if the daemon task is installed
INFO Checking if the daemon task is running
INFO Checking admin helper service is running
INFO Loading bundle: crc_hyperv_4.13.12_amd64...
INFO Creating CRC VM for OpenShift 4.13.12...
Error creating machine: Error in driver during machine creation: exit status 1

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