Satelite 6 containers re-simulation

I am completing the Satellite 6 course on the provided environment and it will expire sooner than later.  How can I install the servers and their setups (classroom, server[abcd], satellite, etc..... onmy local computer in VMs or containers so I can rerun the exercises from the course content ? 

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Red Hat Training does not publish the resources for reproducing the in-classroom lab environment.

This is unlikely the answer you want but you are able to request a trial for the Satellite server, and setup your Satellite server, and Capsule server in your own lab environment. Of course, you would need a few RHEL machines to use as clients. The RPMs used in class are FOSS, and are easily available on the Internet.

What you won't get access to would be the lab scripts. But with some creativity, and reading, re-creating the lab environment would serve you well, especially for the certification exam!


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