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do288vc-4.6 lab shift key locked in terminal

Hi all, lately when doing the exercises for chapter 8 "Building Applications for Openshift", I run into the situation that the shift key stays locked all the time. Everything I type is in uppercase. To type in lowercase I need have the "shift lock" key active to type something in lowercase.

There is a button in the upper right hand corner.  When you move your mouse over this button it says "Release Modifier keys".  I have tried that button multiple times but it doesn't help.

I already googled for this problem and other solutions like locking the screen or typing "reset" in the terminal do not seem to help either.
The only thing that helps is stopping the lab environment and starting it back up.
I don't know what triggers this strange behaviour.

I am doing the DO288 labs using the latest Google Chrome browser version 102 on Windows 10.

Obviously I want to avoid running into this problem when taking the EX288 exam !

Has anyone had this problem ?  If so, any tips on how to solve this without rebooting the system ?

Best Regards,
Ronald Wouters

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Try to use an incognito/private window to access the labs it will let you have smooth experience.

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