lab docker-build setup command assistance

 from the exercies i understand lab docker-build setup is used for validating prerequisties and downloading solutions

But what exacltly does docker-build specify ?
Is it a build strategy ? if yes how many different statergies are present
I see different ones in our lab eg lab container-build setup

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It is much simpler than that. The "lab" script is used to perform many different tasks on many different labs. So, the first parameter ("docker-build" here) is just the identifier for the lab. The second parameter is the action to be performed in the lab, "setup" here.

So this chapter is just setting up a lab named "docker-build". Nothing to do with build strategies further the lab name.

Hope that helps!


Thank you all for the reply ! I was wondering what these commands exactly do , now i get it !! :)

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Hi @PramodNarahari,

The lab command is a custom Red Hat script for trainings' labs and guided exercises in general. It is used in all Red Hat courses, as far as I'm aware of.

It takes 2 arguments.

The first argument is the lab's name. It is really an arbitrary name chosen by the course's authors. In your case, They've called it docker-build, probably because your mission in that lab or guided exercise is to build a docker image (just guessing).

The second argument is the command itself. It can be setup (or lately: start) to prepare your lab environment for the current exercise, grade (to assess your work in labs and comprehensive reviews) or finish (to clean up your lab environment before next lab or exercise). There can be other actions, depending on the course. In EX447, I have discovered a lab_solve function to perform the labs and exercises automatically :D


We should probably rename that particular script to dockerfile-build, it would ne more intuitive and not imply it is related to the 'docker' command at all. By the way, if you are taking the recently released update of DO288 for OpenShift 4, you shoud never need a 'docker' command, all would be done using 'podman'. RHEL8 provides no 'docker' command at all, in any channel.

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