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EX280 preparation


I need some help and guidance.

I am preparing myself for Ex280 v4.10 and need some tips for the exam and how can I practice more.

I already deployed the labs for all chapters more than once. so is there any topics I should focus on. 

appreciate your help.


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i would recommend you manage your time on each exercice, look for taint/tolerations, make sure when creating users/groups you can log in and user peform the roles asked in the exam, always try to provide any answer for each exercice, even tought you dont reach the gol for that exiercice it can count in the evaluation.

The troubleshoot exercices can give an impression that is simple, like install this app and make sure its providing a valid output, this exercices can consume a lot of time until you find why the app is not working. 

Try do the tranning exercices using the oficial documentation, as it will be available in the exam, that way you can get some commands need during the exam, also oc command -h on terminal.

limit range it can helo do on the webui intead cli.

scc role self-provisioner, make sure you understand how it works on cluster level.


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Mission Specialist

Hi pedro,

thanks for your reply.

I will keep your tips in my mind, wish me luck

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