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do280-4.12 guided exercise / multus: doubt about ip address assignement

I am very doubtful about the proposed solution:
- the address is pre-assigned to master01 ens4 interface and in the proposed solution the same address is assigned to the eth2 interface of the pod:
[student@workstation ~]$ oc get pod/database-77c5677898-mcvnp -ojsonpath='{.status.hostIP}'

I think this is not correct because host and pod can not have the same IP, so I change the netword-attachement-definition to .11:[student@workstation ~]$ oc get network-attachment-definitions/ens4-nad -oyaml
kind: NetworkAttachmentDefinition
  creationTimestamp: "2024-03-01T13:24:37Z"
  generation: 1
  name: ens4-nad
  namespace: non-http-multus
  resourceVersion: "705050"
  uid: d9de27d8-0973-4d3c-a414-5bff88f5df19
  config: |-
      "cniVersion": "0.3.1",
      "name": "work-network",
      "type": "host-device",
      "device": "ens4",
      "ipam": {
        "type": "static",
          "addresses": [
              "address": ""




I tested using the .11 address in the non-http-review lab and it works:


[student@utility ~]$ curl
    <h1>Hello, world from nginx!</h1>


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