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jeesshnasree Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

how to find JBOSS EAP JVM PID information location and log name

Hi Team,


how to find the JVM procees id on JBOSS 6/7 EAP verion  and could you please share the pid path location .

means to check stop and start the JVM status . 

2) how to grep xxxx.gz file 

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Re: how to find JBOSS EAP JVM PID information location and log name

Hi, @jeesshnasree,

Unless the EAP process was started using systemd, there is no PID file, just a java process running the jboss-modules.jar JAR file.

So you can find out what your EAP instance's process is using any of the ps utils (ps, pgrep, etc.), for example:

$ pgrep -f jboss-modules.jar

Note that if you have multiple instances running, you will see multiple PIDs in the output, and to be able to better distinguish them, it may make sense to add the "-l" option, which will also display the command line used to start the instance:

$ pgrep -fl jboss-modules.jar
3456 /opt/eap/bin/ ...


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