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How to automate Linux patching with Ansible

Use automation to reduce the time IT teams spend deploying patches and apply updates consistently across systems.

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I'm a little late in providing commentary on this post, but
another post that I was providing commentary on, brought
me back in this direction.

In another post, I was commenting about how grateful I was
for Ansible.  My comments in that post centered around 
the power provided by Ansible modules.  The power of Ansible,
that the initial post on this thread is making reference to,  is yet
another plug for automation: patching of Linux systems.

As the article states, "Automation can help reduce the time IT
teams spend deploying patches, making sure those updates
are applied consistently across systems".  Time reduction and
accuracy are certainly two significant benefits to automating the
process of patching a Linux system.  Of course, the more systems
that require patching, the more pronounced the benefit of automation.

The article goes on to share what the author's 8 favorite things that
can be accomplished when patching is performed using Ansible -and
for sure each of the 8 has merit in being worthy of mentioning in this
context.  Once again, the more systems that require patching, the
more obvious the benefit of Ansible (automation), with each of these
8 items being required to be performed on each system during the
patching process.  

I would mention each of the items that I've referenced a couple of 
times, but like a good movie, I don't want to take away from your
being able to enjoy the viewing (or should I say, the reading).

I can only imaging having to patch 5 Linux systems manually.  It
would become quite apparent real soon, that there has to be a
better, more efficient way of performing the task - and there is!!!

Many thanks to Pratheek Prabhakaran for a very nicely written
article, extolling another perk of automatiion - made possible by
the flagship automation tool, Ansible!!!

Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
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