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Questions about getting ready for your Red Hat remote exam?

This thread is dedicated to connect you with Red Hat subject matter experts who can help answer your questions regarding Red Hat remote exams. Please see the following resources for Red Hat Remote Exams below:

For questions on scheduling or redeeming your exams,  please use the Red Hat Certification team comment form here. 

**Our subject matters experts in the Red Hat Learning Community will not be assisting with tasks related to scheduling exams. 

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The compatibility test is there to test some of the hardware and help candidates reassuring them their setup is going to be ok. "Passing" it does not means your setup is fully approved.

What is important is following the official requirements, see: 

Mouse: A wired mouse is optional but recommended. A wireless mouse is not allowed. A wired mouse is required if you use a laptop with the lid closed as described below

You will not be allowed to proceed with the exam with that setup...

Remember there is a proctor also, watching and monitoring the candidates during the exams...


As for the webcam, " Webcam: One external webcam with at least a 1m cable.".

That means yes, you are ok with only your external webcam (and the laptop lid closed).


Good luck with the exam!


Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Please can someone confirm if EX200 for RHEL version 7 is available at this time to take it remotely? Thanks.



Not yet. This is being piloted internally at the moment. Please watch the Ways to Test page for new releases. The EX200 listed there is based on RHEL 8.

Best Regards,



Hi @limaunion 

It is available to take remotely since a few days now: 


With the list of currently 7+1 Red Hat Certification Exams remotely (the +1 means for me that EX200 is actually available for RHEL8 and RHEL7): 




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Mission Specialist

Could you please provide a reply to my exam feedback (remote exam taken using external screen, keyboard, mouse, webcam)

- Because time is always tight on exams, I did not (could not) spend time to troubleshoot the following:

a) Could not change colour scheme of terminal (I prefer to use white background and dark fonts). For some reason it seems that it was 'disabled' change settings. Being colourblind dark baground when using vim is difficult;

b) For some reason I could not 'copy and paste' from the exam instructions page to the terminal. Again having to read and type can lead to errors/typos; which actually happened to me and was tricky to find out. Of course once in vim it was okay to yank lines, paste, delete, etc.

- What is the main reason not to allow dual-screen setup during the exams

Overall I think the experience was positive, because:

1) Could use own external monitor, keyboard and mouse rather than laptop in kiosk mode on training centres;

2) No need to travel to training centre to take exam.




Hi  @rm-rf ,

Thanks for the feedback, we can discuss about it here. Having said that, it's just a discussion place, if you want to reach the team, the proper way to feedback is this: 

First, you are right, usually the time is tight during those Red Hat certification exams, they do require solid experience, to be able to complete everything quickly. That's also what makes them difficult sometimes.

a) I am not sure if we can change that. Having said that, if you are colorblind or have any disabilities, Red Hat is inviting the candidates to inform them in advance, so they can help them fairly:

Answer: If you need any special assistance during your exams, you must notify Red Hat of your needs a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the exam start date. You will also need to apply for a special accommodations request. Red Hat is committed to offering certification exams regardless of ability status. While we cannot guarantee that a remote exam will work for everyone, we will make every reasonable effort to find a delivery approach that will work for you.


I don't think we expect candidates to make much configuration setup during the exam time, I think being color blind counts in that category...


b) Some copy/paste feature are disabled on purpose. It is still possible to do, using the application menus (for example in the terminal and Firefox). It's not very practicable, and candidates not knowing that, would probably have small struggles. 

FYI, as I said sometimes in this forum, we reported feedback and hoped that there could be some "dummy exam setup" where candidates could spend time getting use to that Remote Exams environment.  Remember that to ensure integrity, it has to have some restrictions so it can not be as practical as a normal desktop environment.

Again, if many candidates would report their similar feedback on the comment form, things would probably have more impact.

c): Dual screen setups. Technical reasons first, along with priority of other more important tasks like migrating numerous Certification exams to this Remote Environment. It was 4 exams early August, end of August it's already 8 exams.

d) Positive Sides:

Yes, it's much cheaper also, for candidates, I remember wasting investing a full day + other costs like transport, etc... Quite glad that all I had to invest now was a decent USB key (equivalent of 30usd), and a webcam ( prices are currently wrong linked to pandemy). An investment I can reuse many times. Also the stress of having done almost 3 hours one way to reach an exam center, and not being sure the exam will work, is quite reduced from the confort of a remote based environment... Things can happen but the negative impact is reduced!

Anyway, glad you also appreciate the Remote Exams environment and that you spent time to share your feedback so it can be even further improved!




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Mission Specialist

I'm eligiable to retake an exam which I took at a testing center closer to me. Now the exam is offered remote. How can I signup to retake it remotely using my retake voucher. As you know it is very hard to find free slots in testing centers at this time.

thank you


Hi @binyam ,

It is indeed very hard to find free slots in many testing centers, the pandemy situation is still having consequences worldwide.

Please have a look at the scheduling tool. I am not sure that your retake would be visible at this point in time. Having said that, the selection for taking an exam either "kiosk" base (in a testing center) and "Remote" based (Remote Exams) should be visible in the scheduling tool.

Please check there first, I will also try to find what is the right contact for that type of scheduling/exams entitlement questions.


PS: kindly let me know if you were able to do that in the scheduling tool, to see if you still need help.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Thank you for the reply.
I don't see the remote option in the scheulding tool at

I redirected to that page from after I clicked "update exam".  You can see the banner explictly mentioning to look for remote scheduling ( see attached picture). I can see the exam (EX407) is offered remote here

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 9.25.57 AM.png

I guess you are refeering to which asks me to pay, that is not correct. 

I need your help. The next available slot for taking the test at testing center ( One hour drive) is in October. My subscription expires in October :(

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