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Questions about getting ready for your Red Hat remote exam?

This thread is dedicated to connect you with Red Hat subject matter experts who can help answer your questions regarding Red Hat remote exams. Please see the following resources for Red Hat Remote Exams below:

For questions on scheduling or redeeming your exams,  please use the Red Hat Certification team comment form here. 

**Our subject matters experts in the Red Hat Learning Community will not be assisting with tasks related to scheduling exams. 

Deanna L
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Hi, I'm trying to boot the ISO from my mac but I'm getting and error "ERROR 36: REBUILD USB DRIVE".

I'm using Macbook Pro 2013 (I've also tried on Macbook Pro 2020) with Big Sure.

Is there any other ISO i could try?


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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

You can use BalenaEtcher to create the LiveUSB from the rhrexboot.iso provided by the "Getting ready for your Red Hat remote exam" PDF

it worked like a charm for the compatibility tests.


By the way, I used an Asus Laptop  instead, had issues with MacBook Pro 2017 Audio/Mic drivers.

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I've done exactly that. 

Used BalenaEtcher but still not booting on macOS Big Sure.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-01 at 15.34.32.jpeg

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Ok, but did you use the latest ISO in the  "Getting ready for your Red Hat remote exam" PDF ? 

Just tried it on both my Mac and Asus and worked again.

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Of corse, I've used the one at this link (on the Getting ready PDF). 

I've also used al old version of the ISO ( without success. 

I'm going to try on another Mac.

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I got it working by using an older version of the ISO

Is it possible to use this version for the exam or it is too old?

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hello everyone -

I just scheduled the remote RHCSA exam. Reading the confirmation email, I notice though that we are not allowed to use a wireless connection during the exam. I do not have a wired connection at home. I use my mobile phone as a hotspot and the mobile network connection is reliable and fast (I've been using it to work from home since the beginning of the pandemic without any issues). This mobile network succcessfully passed the Compatibility Test. 

This is what the email says:

Network Connection: Unless it is physically not possible, a wired network connection should be used, not wireless, to ensure the most reliable delivery of your exam.

Did I get it right? Can you kindly confirm?



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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Not sure you have received some replies; see comments below.
1. You missed to read all details about the exam - yes no wireless devices
are allowed including keyboard, mouse or web camera. If you are using
laptop, it doesnt matter as you can use the laptop keyboard :)
but if you want to use an external screen, then laptop lid should be closed
and you really need an external-wired keyboard

Watch this for some ides:

2. Internet - wired connection is recommended to avoid any unexpected
situation to occur. And mobile hotspot is not really recommended but up to
you if you are confident on the stability and reliability.

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I have an employee Lenovo P1 laptop running the RHEL CSB.   The cameras and all microphones work fine, built in and external.

When booting from the ISO (old or one linked in email), none of the microphones work (I'm in settings adjusting the gain, etc.).   There is a key on the keyboard to disable the microphone, however it's not lit up and does nothing when booted from the ISO.  

I checked the bios to see if there was anything there that might cause the microphones to be turned off and didn't find anything.  I tried various mechanisms to get the microphones to work like pressing the MIC key on the keyboard etc.

I tried another laptop I have and the microphones did work, but the NIC did not (which I expected as the NIC is not well supported in Linux.)  I have to try a couple of other laptops, however, since my work laptop doesn't seem to work, I figured others might have the same issue, or there may be a work around, thus I bring it to your attention.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer


I was scheduled to take the RHCSA exam remotely this morning on my laptop, however, due to odd technical difficulties I was unable to take my exam. My issue was my proctor could not see my screen, they said I was not sharing my screen and on their end it was 'blank'. They also said the connection was slow. After being instructed to restart my laptop, reinitialize the Red Hat Exam environment, and complete the compatibility test four times, the proctor still couldn't see my screen. Everything checked out ok on my end--Successful compatibility test and the little icon at the top of my screen showed that I was sharing my screen, microphone, and camera with the proctor (plus, I had been doing the compatibility tests on my laptop weeks and days before my exam with no issue). 30 minutes had passed into my exam time so I had to reschedule. Now I am concerned this will happen again and I don't know how to resolve this before I have to reschedule. :(

Has anyone else tried to take an exam remotely and had this issue of the proctor not being able to see your screen?

As a backup I am trying to verify that I can set up the test environment on my desktop computer, but so far the test environment loads to 100%, and then the screen goes blank and stays that way until I do a hard reboot to get out of the live boot (I've tried two versions of this live boot that were mentioned in this forum--one from 8-2020 and the other from the "Getting Ready for Your Remote Exam" pdf, but still no success with either).

I hope someone can provide me with some solutions. Testing is already stressful, but to have proctoring issues on the day of the test is the worst! 

"Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently." ~Maria Forleo
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