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RHCA expiration clarification


Ciao community,

some weeks ago I've earned RHCA  (infrastructure) status (yeeeeehhhhh)

last day I did ex328, as expected RHCA II status has been issued,

but the expiration date is still related to my older exam, I've expected that would shift to the next in line

I'm missing something? For example that ex328 is valid upon RHCA but is not counting for the infrastructure one?



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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

For an RHCA to be active, you need to hold RHCE plus 5 more certifications that contribute towards the RHCA status. The validity date should be the date where you no longer have 5 active certifications, in your current case where your 2nd certification expires.


Does that match your exam dates?

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Yes the situation you described is exactly what I expected, I have 5 exams (in addition to RHCE) + the ex328 but is still matching my older eligible exam that expires on December 2023, instead of the following one that expire in March 2024

My doubt (and maybe my question) is that the ex328 concurs to RHCA in Applications and not to the Infrastructure one



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