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My employer offered to pay for some Red Hat courses, but I couldn't make a learning path because the courses are either retired or the page doesn't exist.

My first option would be in OpenShift.

1. DO180 Containers and Kubernetes - but EX180 now is Retired
2. DO280 OpenShift Administration - but EX280 error 404 (
3. DO316 OpenShift Virtualization - but EX I can't see anymore."
4. DO380 OpenShift Automation and Integration - EX380 (ok)
5. EX480 MultiCluster Management - EX480 (ok)

My second option would be in automation, but the ansible courses 407 and 447 are retired.

If the exam has been discontinued the course is outdated or undergoing. Am I right?

Is there any page where I can see the latest update of the course?

Could someone help me?

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Hi @MrErlison ,

Thanks for reaching out !

  • EX180 is retired now. You can go for EX188.
  • EX280 is active and available as of now ( We are working on to enable the link of EX280 again ).
  • EX316 is an active exam.
  • EX407 is retired and now it is being offered under EX294 ( RHCE ).
  • EX447 is retired and replaced with EX467.

Please find this link for a list of active exams ( EX180 & EX447  is recently retired) :   check under exam tab.

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