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RedHat Remote Exam supported hardware (cameras, mice, keyboards)


I'd like to start a thread related to Remote Exam supported hardware.

In the other discussion there are a lot of questions related to cameras, keyboard/mouse setup etc.

So let's start.

Disclaimer: This page is about recommendations by other candidates. There can be various factors which can impact and lead to a different results. As an example maybe a external webcam was not able to autofocus, and a candidate used the laptop internal webcam (which is not mandatory to have) instead. In that scenario, recommending the external webcam might be a bit flawed. 

  1. The official requirement page: https://learn.redhat.com/t5/Certification-Resources/Getting-Ready-for-your-Red-Hat-Remote-Exam/ba-p/... 
  2. The official Remote Exams FAQ: https://www.redhat.com/en/resources/certification-remote-exams-FAQ

I had an opportunity to test the following hardware during my exam (status for Aug 31st, 2020):

1. Camera - Logitech C920 - works like a charm, sometimes I had issue with microphone but it was related to external noise.

2. Keyboard - Dell KB213p - no issues at all

3. Mouse - generic Dell mouse - no issues at all

I also tested Logitech MX Master 2S mouse - it worked well BUT it's a wireless mouse so it's not allowed on Remote Exams (I had to replace it with wired mouse).

4. Monitor - Dell 25" QHD monitor - no issues at all (exam workspace could be a little bit larger but I had no issues with terminal window/web browser)


What was not allowed:

1. Any type of network connected webcam

2. Smartphone with external software like DroidCamX etc.


Please add your equipment - It could be helpful for future candidates.

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I want to contribute to your topic and discuss specifically about the webcams.

I think the keyboard/mouse topic is rather simple, as far as they are wired devices they should work. I should rephrase that, we have not heard of any issue(s) with a wired mouse/keyboard in the Remote Exams live environment context (so far, on this public forum).

The official requirement about the webcam is currently this:

"Webcam: One external webcam with at least a 1m cable."

Source: https://learn.redhat.com/t5/Certification-Resources/Getting-Ready-for-your-Red-Hat-Remote-Exam/ba-p/... 

That excludes not wired camera or any external devices (which are explicitally forbidden during the Remote Exams, that is written somewhere else in the requirements).


It is preferable to have a wide angle webcam (which means a viewing angle around 90°, sometimes called FOV: Field Of View). A wider viewing angle would facilitate the "room scan" (a room scan is mentionned in the Remote Exams faq:

https://www.redhat.com/en/resources/certification-remote-exams-FAQ )

It is also difficult to discuss in terms of quality (especially that the video feed might be impacted by the bandwidth). What matters is that the proctor needs to see the candidate well, and should be able to read the ID well (therefore autofocus is also important). As a reminder, the candidates are responsible to "get ready" in order to attend Remote Exams. Red Hat still offers the option to attend exams in testing centers, as another option:



Note: During this covid times, it appears to have a worldwide situation with webcam. As a result, the prices have raised significantly for some models. For example, in my area the prices of a specific Logitech model raised by 56% a few months ago, and have not reduced. That thread is not an invitation to purchase any expensive model. Alternatives options might also exist, for example a candidate is free to borrow that equipment from a friend, or workplace.


We should also remind that the Remote Live environment is updated and maintained regularly. That means there might be some improvements related to webcams compatibility and therefore these recommendations might no longer be valid at the time of reading this topic.

(Edited May 2021)

List of not recommended webcams according to candidates (with explanations):

  • AUKEY Webcam 1080p PC-LM1E-EU (the viewing angle was too low, 55°; autofocus did not work during exam)
  • Logitech C310 (viewing angle too low 60° ; autofocus did not work during exam)
  • Logitech C270 (viewing angle too low 60° ; no autofocus, a candidate had to use a laptop internal webcam for showing the ID to the proctor)


List of webcams that worked according to candidates (with explanations):

  • ZIQIAN 1080P webcam (viewing angle 110°, autofocus worked)
  • EIVOTOR Webcam 720P (viewing angle 100°, autofocus worked)
  • WyzeCam v2 (viewing angle 110°, autofocus worked). Note: this is a security camera, it is required to convert it to webcam mode with a manufacturer-supplied firmware update. 
  • Logitech C930e (viewing angle 90°; autofocus worked). Note: the candidate said the viewing angle appeared reduced (it worked anyway).
  •  Logitech C920 (viewing angle 78°)
  • Logitech C922 (PRO HD Stream Webcam 1080p ,  angle 78deg)
  • Web Camera - DEPSTECH D04-JP (seems to be angle of 80deg)
  • Elec Full HD Webcam 1080p (viewing angle seems to be 77deg)
  • SEMBIKO FULL HD WEBCAM (seems to be viewing angle of 110°)
  • Logitech B910 HD Webcam (HD 720p video 30fps, 78-degree angle, dual microphone, autofocus)


Tip: one learner suggested in this topic to disable in the bios the integrated webcam camera from the laptop, when using an external camera. It's a good idea so the testing compatibility will only display the external camera...Since the laptop lid has to be closed when/if using an external screen is connected, it would be useless anyway.


We can update this list accordingly.

Thanks all for your participation and understanding!

Edit: A bit of out of topic, there's a nice PDF explaining how to position the webcam for the Red Hat Remote Exams: How to Position the webcam for Red Hat Remote Exam 





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I used HP ProBook 650 G1 and Jelly Comb 1080HD Webcam during EX200 exam without any problems.




I think you have a good choice about webcam because i also personally use Jelly Comb 1080P HD Webcam for so long. But the think is sometimes webcam gives minor issue which is very annoying, so i make sure first that the webcam is okay using ai online tool, for explain Webcam Test tool.

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yes, but test from Fedora 37 to make sure the cam is compatible. But the final say about the compatibility tells the Compatibility test. Morrored image does not matter for the exam. Resolution may be only HD (720). Some new cameras may not autofocus correctly

Petr Cihlar
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Also works properly: Logitech C922 (PRO HD Stream Webcam 1080p ,  angle 78deg). It passed all the test for camera and microphone. USB cable is long enough.

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Hi everyone I bought this one Liftren 1080p Webcam the picture it takes is quite nice but I'm afraid of the focus ability because in the test enviroment I was not able to read my ID card but in every program I tested from Cheese to Zoom it was readable. The sound is terrible but in the test enviroment I took the build in Mic from my laptop.
Any advices shall I send it back an buy something from Logitech?

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I did a remote exam a couple weeks ago with an Aukey PC-LM1E and it worked fine. Not sure if the -EU version uses a different lens but the specs [0] show an 85deg viewing angle. My own testing showed ~310mm at 175mm which would be around 83deg.

[0] https://aukeyoss.oss-us-west-1.aliyuncs.com/20210310/AUKEY%20PC-LM1E%20User_Manual.pdf

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For EIVOTOR Webcam 720P, could you please confirm which one of the 2 below? I am worried becaue I do not see anything on its specs about autofocus and the second one below has the below Customer Q&A. I would highly appreciate your support.

Q: is it auto focusing
A: Dear customer , the webcam cannot be auto focusing.

Q: Does it have auto focus
A: No.

Q: Is this a fixed image or does it have auto focus or manual focus?
A: Fixed and grainy.

EIVOTOR Webcam 720P - Option 1

EIVOTOR Webcam 720P - Option 2


Hi @Mostafa ,

It's another candidate who said that, I checked the link he gave was:


It's in Spanish, I translated in google. It's true it also says no autofocus.

In fact the autofocus or manual focus does not matter if the webcam can properly read the ID; in a way that is readable by the proctor.

The candidate feedback was, "autofocus worked during the exam". It's a bit contradictory because it does not have autofocus (feature). I would interpret that as "the proctor was able to read the ID" (which is what is actually important here). 

As I warned on that topic earlier, we rely on the candidate feedback quality, I hope that the candidate did not show the ID using any internal webcam (which are not mandatory) instead of through the external wired webcam (which is the only mandatory webcam to have).

I can not tell your with certainty, the candidate feedback being a bit technically misleading, yet that person said it was perfectly fine during the exam.



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