Root Pssword doesn't work in RHCSA

I had exam last week but i fail for something very stupid ,

there was redacted content

can someone give me a hand on this for this dont happen next time..

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I've redacted your post as it violates the exam's terms and conditions.

Please do not reveal exam content and carefully read the terms and conditions which you've agreed to.

Participant agrees that the integrity of the Certification
and fairness to all current and future students depends on
the confidentiality of the content of the Red Hat Certified
Engineer Exam, including the hands-on lab and written
answer portions. Participant agrees to keep all content,
questions, and answers of the Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam
confidential. Participant will not share this information,
either from memory or from notes, with any other parties, nor
will Participant post information about the content of the labs or
written questions or answers to the Internet or otherwise distribute
information about the content of the Red Hat Certified Engineer
Exam. Participant's continued compliance with this Confidentiality
provision is a condition to the rights granted Participant under
this Agreement, and any breach of that Confidentiality provision
will immediately terminate this Agreement and may subject Participant
to other civil claims.
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