Unable to download RedHat certificate

Has anyone faced trouble downloading certificate of attendance from https://role.rhu.redhat.com/ ?

I took the RH294 Ansible course and I'm getting a unauthorized error when trying to download it. I'm sure it worked before with another course so is there any change I'm unaware of? 

Thank you

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When I go to https://rhtapps.redhat.com/certifications/downloads  My page is blank. No error page, just blank. If you want to show it off though, you'll need to make a credly.com profile.

They have a section in their FAQS about how to link your RedHat to Credly

Question: How do I get my Red Hat Certification digital badge?

Answer: In order to receive a Red Hat Certification digital badge the Red Hat Certified Professional must complete the steps below:

  1. If you haven’t already, create a redhat.com account.
  2. You must then follow the steps to associate your own unique certification ID with your redhat.com account login in order for your certification to be validated on the Red Hat Certification verify page or to be found in a search.
  3. While you are completing step 2, be sure to “check the box” to confirm that you would like for Red Hat to issue you a Red Hat Certification downloadable certificate and a Red Hat Certification digital badge. Checking the box signifies your permission for Red Hat to share your name, email, and Red Hat-issued Certification ID with Credly. Credly will then send an email to you with instructions on how to accept and begin sharing your new Red Hat Certification digital credential and downloadable certificate.


You can then download it from Credly. Simply go to your Dashboard > [select the cert you want to download] > click the green Share button > Download Certificate.



Here's some info about Red Hats "digital badges" 


See mine. Once I get my first AWS cert, I'll get an email from the email account associated with my AWS account to link it to Credly. I use a different email address for every platform. All you have to do is add the AWS email account to the Credly to finalize the linking.




Many organizations have moved to this certification displaying platform like AWS, CompTIA and Redhat. It's a good platform because after a user has created a profile, they can link identities from different organizations, like AWS CompTIA and Redhat to their Credly profile and those 'source' certifying companies will send your Cert to your Credly profile most of the time same day, but definitely less than 24 hours, in my experience.

From a recruiter or employer standpoint, its a nice centralized way to verify credentials of a professional because the User themselves are unable mislead or lie and add whatever certification they want to their Credly profile, it's done by the source authority. We live in a Zero-Trust world...so yea.


Hope this helps and is not overwhelming!



I can not find the 'check the box'  in Step 3 .  Counld you please show me some pictures about it

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As per my understanding now It comes to your account even without you checking that box [ now there's no more check option in account ] so just make sure you have account on credly [ with same email id which is associated to your redhat exam account ]. 


This procedure is no longer working. First thing is that I am unable to link my Red Hat account with Credly. This is option is missing from Red Hat privacy settings. Currently I cannot find a correct procedure to download certificate or badge. Even the procedure mentioned in official Red Hat site is wrong.


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You can raise a ticket to the RedHat Certification team at RedHat Comments Form and fill the details refer to : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TqqGs_sZiVPD5_ANZWaRlMAzyQw3JwZX/view?usp=sharing [ Image ] and make changes as per your details and wait for some time you will get the certs in credly account.

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Hi 24 hours passed rather more than that ?

No update from Credly as well as Red Hat ?

Please help & guide me on the same if you can !!!

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In case someone is not getting the certs in credly after clearing them just follow the below points RedHat Certification team will help you out:

You can raise a ticket to the RedHat Certification team at RedHat Comments Form and fill in the details refer to: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TqqGs_sZiVPD5_ANZWaRlMAzyQw3JwZX/view?usp=sharing [ Image ] and make changes as per your details and wait for some time you will get the certs in the credly account.


Does any one know how to download certificate for EX188 exam. I am not finding option to download certificate


Please let me know if you find the solution

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