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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Should I run ansible jobs from my Satellite server?

Hi, folks,

I'm interested in working with Ansible but not quite ready to run it via Satellite yet.

Would I be best off using my Satellite server for my Ansible host? Should I use my workstation, which can reach the machines I need? Should I build an Ansible host? What do you do?


John A

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I've been asking myself the same questions.
I suggest we collect pros & cons.
this is what i think so far:
- integration between ansible and satellite is mature.
  (ansible collections and plugins are available for satellite, you can leverage on dynamic inventory and facts directly pulled from satellite, possibility to execute ansible playbooks and roles is embedded directly in satellite, etc..)
- use of satellite as ansible control server since ssh pub key of the satellite host can be easily transferred to the target hosts during provisioning
- run an end to end setup for new servers from a single point: install with kickstart (through satellite), lifecycle and patch management (through satellite) and post install tasks with ansible (from satellite) 

- satellite usually likes being "alone" on a server. can adding something else like ansible bring a little bit of instability ?




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