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RH124 Chapter 17 Review Lab #2

There seems to be an error in the RH124 book in Chapter 17 for lab review 2, "Manage Users and Groups, Permissions, and Processes". 

The book gives instructions to modify permissions for the "/home/dbadmin1/grading/review2" directory. I had done this countless times and I continued to fail the lab. I even went through the solution and copied and pasted commands to get the desired results. Nothing was working.

Eventually I watched the solution video and saw Ricardo modifying permissions for the "/home/student/grading/review2" directory. I passed the lab once I started modifying the "/home/student" directory, instead of the "/home/dbadmin1" directory (which is what the book tells us to do). 

Please let me know if I have been making a mistake or if this is a typo in the book. I'm very new to this so I'm not counting out user error. Thanks. 

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You are correct. The file should be /home/student/grading/review2

However, the instructions may be incorrect -- at least the instructions for RH124 as it has been since RHEL 9 was released.

RH124 and RH134 were recently realigned, with two chapters moving from RH124 into RH134. Now RH124 has 15 chapters instead of 17.

The current instructions have the student do this: Switch to the dbadmin1 user. After that, it looks like much of the work is done within /home/dbuser1

The instructions we've been using since RH124 for RHEL 9 were released do not have the user switch (and stay) to the dbuser1 user account. Most all the work is done within the /home/student directory.

(One does switch, to check that the umask values was correctly set, then the account is exited.)

It might be (I do not know) that you are using the original lab image to perform the lab with new instructions. However, I just checked, and I do not see an updated lab image for RH124 - perhaps it hasn't been released, yet.

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Hi @Antonio03 ,

Continuing with what @Tracy_Baker mentioned , in RH124 v9 this is part of ch15 s03 exercise and this is what I can see in online pdf :


However it does not seem to match with the video. Let me flag this to the concerned team.

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@Antonio03  We just updated the video. The book had changed since it was recorded last year. 


hello I am new here, where is this video If I may ask?


Hello @recontheman !

Thanks for reaching out! 

The videos are part of video classroom and is available as per subscription type. If you are unable to see those videos in the learning portal - most probably it is because of the particular subscription type. You can reach out to the support team to check on that and to know how you can get access to those videos. 


oh hello! yes, I have some questions regarding lab environment that is relevant to this thread and was wondering how to navigate site resources to troubleshoot this particular problem was wondering if you can help? I am not sure how to search out subscription type as I am a student and unaware if I am on one or not, also you mentioned a learning portal do you have a link for that by chance? sorry for asking I am very new to this site thank you.

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@recontheman learning portal is the portal where one can access the Red Hat training materials eg. video or an online pdf or accessing the labs etc. 

One such learning portal is - you need to have a valid subscription to access this portal. 

for any issues or support - you can always raise a support case and get the help.

For more information on enrollment - please write to 

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