Develop Leadership and Technical Skills with the Student Ambassador Program

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Red Hat Academy turns academic institutions into enterprise-ready centers to train talents by providing them with a range of Red Hat’s training modules.

At no cost to academic institutions to join, students are able to enroll in Red Hat Training courses through their school where they have the opportunity to learn in-demand skills, gain valuable experience with hands-on lab environments, and get certified with discounted exams by the leader in open source.


What is the Student Ambassador program?

As part of their Red Hat Academy affiliation, top students are able to prove they stand out among their peers through the Student Ambassador program. The Red Hat Academy Student Ambassador program brings together a community of students committed to the success of the program at their institutions.

As a Student Ambassador, you will play a key role in driving awareness and excitement around Red Hat technologies on your campus as you work directly with our Red Hat team and partners. You will have the opportunity to build upon your leadership and entrepreneurial skills to organize events, arrange industry presentations, and lead technical workshops while strengthening your connection to Red Hat industry professionals.




What are we looking for?

Red Hat Academy Student Ambassadors are driven, well-connected, leaders with a passion for open source and Red Hat technologies. Students must be nominated by their instructors and meet the following qualifications:

  • Meet and maintain your regional academic standing requirements;
  • Enroll in or complete a Red Hat Academy course;
  • Organize and market campus events;
  • Possess effective communication and leadership skills;
  • Have a passion for learning new technologies;
  • Experience working with open source community is a plus.


Responsibilities of a Student Ambassador

Red Hat will equip you with the skills you need to share the Red Hat story. Student Ambassadors will work with the Red Hat Academy team and will be responsible for arranging or hosting a set of activities at their institutions. These activities will vary by both institution and individual but can consist of:RH_BRAND_007283_01_MECH_Global Collaboration_Full Color_Grey.png

  • Spread knowledge and awareness of open source and Red Hat technologies on campus;
  • Organize guest lectures by Red Hat / Industry professionals;
  • Host and lead technical workshops or quizzes;
  • Drive interest in Red Hat Certification Exams;
  • Show intent, interest, and involvement and attend monthly status update calls.


What are the benefits?

In addition to building your resume, Student Ambassadors work directly with our Red Hat team, building a professional network of both references and mentors to support their future careers. 

What's more, Student Ambassadors will:

  • Work with a diverse set of students within their region, alongside the Red Hat Academy team;
  • Receive additional discounts on special program features, depending on the region students are located in;
  • Attend a virtual Red Hat Academy Student Ambassador orientation;
  • Receive Red Hat swag to aid in engagement initiatives.







Instructors nominate students for the Student Ambassador program

Once a student is nominated, your Red Hat Academy contact gets a notification
and then sends the next steps to either the instructor or student directly.

To nominate a student submit this form

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Wonderful opportunity @KaterinaS1 !

If you're passionate about tech and keen to make a real impact on your campus, this is your chance. Don't miss out on the chance to bridge academia and industry. Explore, learn, and grow with Red Hat!

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Thank you @Chetan_Tiwary_ ! At Red Hat Academy, we are happy to provide our students with the best possible opportunities and support to help them succeed in their future careers!


@KaterinaS1 Absolutely!!

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@KaterinaS1 Great news, it will definately help the students greatly.

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

This is great. We'll be nominating our students soon.

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