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Error in RH134 (v9) chapter 11, section 5 (yes, more)

This one is mainly one of consistency, but, once again, it can be confusing to students.

First, the db_net network is created:


Then, the backend network is created:


The the podman network ls command is used:


But this output can't possibly exist within the context of the lesson, as no network named db01 was ever created.

These kinds of continuity problems are fairly common in RH134's chapter 11. I've pointed out some others, like:

  • starting containers when a container with the same name already exists
  • executing commands in one directory when the text specifically states that the command should be executed in another directory
  • prompts jumping from a non-privileged prompt ($) to the root user prompt (#) where no su command was used. Also, this is not in keeping with the overall concept, taught in RH124, that the root user account shouldn't really used during normal usage of a system  - that sudo should be used instead
  • example outputs that don't match the commands
  • superfluous lines of text that have nothing to do with the text that surrounds them
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