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Error in RH134 (v9) chapter 7, section 1

I haven't filed one of these in a while, it has been since chapter 12, section 5 of the RH124 (v9) material. While the material is very good, it still has more than just a few typographical, grammatical, and technical errors.

It would benefit anyone teaching this material to read it thoroughly before presenting it to students.

RH134 (v9) Chapter 7, section 1 has this error:


I hope the problem is obvious... Linux does not have a \ directory. Both of these should be /mnt

Also, the recommendation, in my humble opnion, does not go far enough. Administrators should not, at any time, be mounting to /mnt. They should be mounting to a child directory of /mnt - something like /mnt/nsftest 

The reason is that if one administrator mounts to /mnt, even temporarily, no other mounts can be made to that mount point until the other is unmounted.

It just makes more sense to take the time to create a subdirectory of /mnt and use that as a mount point - even if just testing.

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