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Hi all, I am an academy admin from KdG University College, Antwerp. I have a class with 139 students. I would like to export this student list (e.g. to .CSV file). At present the list of students spans 14 web pages. The students can be selected page by page, but still there is no option to do anything with these selected students, like for instance exporting them.

I got this export request from one of the instructors at our institution, who apparently is not able to do this either.

Is there something obvious we are missing? Or is this option not available? If so, do you know if there is some Red Hat Academy admin to which I can address this kind of requests?


Toni M.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I think this is a well known problem for this time, and we can submit request to them via support on RHA.

I also hope this can be exported, and we as instructor can see from that CSV how far our student has check the material for it.


Pingging @ShirishVPandey 

I hope this will be available next year, it will be a major update for the academy platform.

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