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Issues with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Automation with Ansible 9.0 (RH294), guided lab 9.4

As seen elsewhere, a "short" module name is being used when students are told they should be using FQCNs. It appears in two lines, here:


The line is this:

"{{ lookup('file', 'files/'+ item['username'] + '') }}"

To keep it consistent with what students are being told, it should be this:

"{{ lookup('ansible.builtin.file', 'files/'+ item['username'] + '') }}"

Incidentally, the correct way is shown in section 9.3:


While it is neat that a function and plug-in can retrive the required string from the file (especially since the SSH key can be long), it is a technique that is not taught during the course of this RH294 (if I recall, plug-ins and filters were part of the 8.0 version) - it is only introduced in this guided lab, so students may be caught off-guard.

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