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OpenShift Coffee Break | Cloud Native for students with Red Hat Academy

Hello everyone, 

Are you a student or instructor who is interested in the key features of our Open Source Academic program in the market-Red Hat Academy and how other Red Hat Academies use Open Source Technology courses especially our Containers-OpenShift course to help their students increase their job opportunities? 

My name is Sandra Moldoveanu and I am the Program Manager for the Red Hat Academy program in Euroe+Israel+CIS region. I am happy to share with you the link to the live webinar today, webinar part of the OpenShift episodes on YouTube and Twitch.

So, if you want to find out more, get your espresso ready for the OpenShift Coffee Break as we welcome our special guests from the Red Hat Academy program universities to share insights and lessons learned on how to prepare and boost students career in IT with Open Source and Cloud Native technologies such as Containers, Linux, Kubernetes and OpenShift!

Sandra Moldoveanu, Red Hat Academy

Florin Anton, Polytechnical University of Bucharest, Romania

Miloš Bogdanović, University of Niš, Serbia Nicolas Melchior, Hennalux in Belgium

Here is the link:





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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Thank you for sharing this, Sandra!

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