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RH-134 9.0 Bugs on rd.break Chapter 8 Section 4 Resetting Password

Hello to @ShirishVPandey , @Deanna , @ralii ,

I just come across a bug that is still persist and being talk on by Red Hat Employee

And I also seen this on some people talk also happen on exam machine

I don't whether it's true for exam machine, as I only browse on the board, I hope my understanding is wrong regarding this.

I have a hard time sometimes talking with tech support on email or via because sometimes because of my broken english... (well, It make them frustate with me, and close the ticket, haha...), but at least on, the iso builder is here @ralii , and I just want to confirm, does on corporate class, the bug already patched?

It took my time to browse the web regarding this (30 minutes, welp, there are solution at least), because on RH8.2, I can by pass it with `rw init=/bin/bash`. as on version 9.0, I can't.

The workaround as stated by @Scotsman (I hope I don't ping wrong person), based on reddit thread is using the emergency mode, and use rd.break there.

But on the chapter books pdf or HTML page, it shown that we should use the default first grub list and edit the rd.break there, which is... sad... beause the emergency mode is asking for password, not directly allow user to access the terminal...

I also curious does @Tracy_Baker also experince this while delivering RH134 on NA as I'm in APAC.

EDIT : He wrote that he also experience this, welp

I hope this can be fixed soon. or the upstream version can be merged to the academy ISO.




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The RHA RH134 web based content already updated to use rescue kernel, welp at least the RHA team are seeing this. Thank you

Teaching RHEL Curicullum @ since 2019! Thanks for RH Academy !
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A bit of an update: RHEL 9.1 fixes this. I'm guessing that there will be an update to the Academy's images before too long.

(Incidentally, after reading the Bugzilla reports, it appears that this was intentional with RHEL 9, but after a number of reports, they put it back the way it was.)

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