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inconsistent font choices causing student confusion

This has been a minor burr under my saddle for a while but...

I've noticed that students get confused when reading the web based text material about how to complete a commands that use certain characters.

Specifically the lower case L (l), the number one (1) and the | symbol

The problem seems to stem from the text font being different from the output font which is different from the font used on the VM we are using on our netlab+ machines.



In the Chapter 7 guided exercise: managing file system permissions from the command line, students see the following

8. Use the ls -l command to list the default user and group ownership of the new file and its permissions. 

then in the output box they see

Screenshot from 2022-03-14 14-00-26.png

and on the actual netlab VM they see

Screenshot from 2022-03-14 13-49-57.png

so you have the same command (ls -l) in 3 different fonts with a character that is often confused with at least one other  character (is that a |? a 1?  a l? )

I've made a video to make students aware of this but when they are working so hard to just absorb the concepts, nuances like this often get overlooked and leads to frustration on their parts.

Any suggestions on how to make it clearer? OR, any sugestions on where I might turn to work with someone to find a better font and more consistent use of font?

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