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Welcome to the Red Hat Learning Community! As we build a diverse community dedicated to collaborative, open source learning, let's get to know more about each other. Reply to this post with details about yourself, your background,  the skills you want to develop (or have developed ), career stories, favorite Red Hat courses, fun facts and anything else you may want to share with your fellow RHLC community members! 

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Hello Everyone, My name is Dominique Robinson and im excited to be joining the Red Hat Learning Community. All of this is very new to me, however I am trying to learn as much as possible. In my spare time I work as a Apple Support Technical Advisor and do alot of online gaming. I dont have any crazy set ups, however its not average. I have not taken any Red Hat courses, and im hoping this leads me down a very wide open path. Be blessed everyone.


Hello, My name is Nick. I'm a college student at Fayetteville Technical Community College. The class that I am taking isn't my first class that required me to use Linux but it's the first to go in depth with the "how"s and the "why"s. I'm hoping to become more proficient with Linux so that I can become more marketable to employers and gain more job security. I like out door things like hiking and running, it helps me balance all the time I spend sitting at my desk indoors.


Hi everyone, my name is David Flores and I am currently a student at Fayetteville Tech, all this information seems very exciting and cant wait to get my hand dirty learning all the great tools this site has to offer. 


Hello there! 

I'm a student from FTCC learning about Linux for a class. I am very interested in the operating system and hope to learn more about it as time goes on.


Hello Everyone, 

My name is Hope. I am in Fayetteville, NC. I am currently attending FTCC. This my first experience with Red Hat, looking forward to learning a lot about this course. 




Hello everyone!

Excited to be here and totally looking forward to learning more.

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hi, My name is Joerg and I'm currently employed at the Bielefeld University in Germany as a Sysadmin.

I'm a proud member of the Red Hat Accelerators program and occasionally I do some writing for the Enable Sysadmin community.

This year I'm going to do the RH199 and the RHCSA exam. I'm hear to learn some best practice on how to prepare for courses and exams to get the most out of it.

Best regards,
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Hello ,

My name is Raúl Enrique Santana Tarbay. I am a technologist at heart. I enjoy learning all the time. Looking forward to being part of this community.

Thank you.






Raúl Enrique
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Hello everyone,

I'm Marc and totally excited about being part of this.



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My name is Chris.

Ive worked as a Data Center tech working on Servers, IP appliances, and networking.  Ive always wanted to learn Linux.  Over the years ive started several times but found it "too hard".   

Covid hit last year and I was furloughed for 5 months beginning in mid March.  After about a month of playing videos games and tryng to figure out what I wanted to do until I was called back to work I decided to actually spend money on the best training I could find for Linux (at the price I could afford) and hit that as if it were my job.   I bought the official COMPTIA Linux+ study materials and went to work.   With my effort, quite a few Centos VMs , and the very good COMPTIA Linux+ material I was able to learn the material and pass the Linux+ cert.

Applied to dozens of admin positions and no responses...

In the mean time, ive been studying other material from other vendors and found it to be lacking.  Ive been eye balling the Red Hat courses for months but with a wife and child, I cant afford the price of the sub now, so my wife suggested I write RH Support and inquite about a Veterans discount.   She said "you never know..."

To my surpise RH Support pointed me to a US Veterans organization they (RH/IBM) support.  I signed up and was given access to the IBM SkillsBuild Platform (Which is Amazing, BTW) and through that, I am able to take RH 124 and RH134.

Thank you IBM and Red Hat.  I appreciate this opportunity you have provided me through your support for the Veteran community.

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor -Elon Musk
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