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Welcome to the Red Hat Learning Community! As we build a diverse community dedicated to collaborative, open source learning, let's get to know more about each other. Reply to this post with details about yourself, your background,  the skills you want to develop (or have developed ), career stories, favorite Red Hat courses, fun facts and anything else you may want to share with your fellow RHLC community members! 

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

This seems to be the defacto template at this point, so I am going to use it as well

Who I am:

As my display name says, I am Joshua Hinton. I am a Consultant for Red Hat, and loving every minute of it!

Why I am here:

I recently got involved with the Red Hat Adopt and Academy program, and this learning community is one of the resources they promote. I would love to be able to direct more students here, and hope we can expand out to as many interested people as possible.

Where I'm based:

United States: Basically wherever my next project is based!

My workstation:

Lenovo Thinkpad T480s, running Fedora 29 (as of writing this).

My favorite tech topic:

Virtualization. I think it's an awesome concept in general, and I always love learning more about it and talking about it (by no means does this make me an expert).

Favorite Red Hat memories:

Tech Exchange 2018!


Looking forward to being involved with everyone here!


Hello All,

I am happy to have Pierce College (LACCD) and myself accepted into the RHA program and am looking forward to imersing myself in RH Linux and helping my students get great jobs.  Prior to becomming a professor, I had a ton of experience in network, business process, and IT staff development.  I look forward to being here. 


Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I am sysadmin from Cameroon, Africa. I really enjoy Linux in general and particularly redhat.

I had been working with Linux know to close to 10 Years. I enjoys various flavours.

I do enjoy networking, hardware and system hardening, scripting and security.

I am looking more toward data center architect, tuning, HA, OpenShift..

Happy to join the community

Marc Lionel NGAMANI
IT Evangelist
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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I am Theo Burden and a Instructor and Proctor. I also do Java Training and JBoss. I have 10+ years experience in SOA, EAI and JMS using various products... Done development in various languages and in general in IT since 1978. Started in Hardware progressed to development and later Business/Systems Analysis. I did JavaCAPS (Sunmicro Systems) training all over the world until Oracle took over. I love Linux!!

Theo Burden
Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi. My name is Grzegorz but everyone call me Greg. Im polish but I work in Switzerland. Im RHCE and started journey to RHCA. 

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi all!

I was excited to learn about RHLC, and wish to be very active around here!

I'm Marcelo Vital, a CSM from Red Hat Brazil. I work at the Sao Paulo office, and have been with Red Hat for nearly six months only, but loving it!

Despite "not needing" it for my role, I wish to learn more the technical aspects of our technology so I can better help our customers using it , solving issues and planning for a better implementation. So, my plan is to take courses available in RHU and take certification exams in the near future.

Oh, you don't know what a CSM does? Ask me, I'll be happy to clarify it! :)

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hello everyone! Josh here, a CSM from Singapore. I'm just done with RH124 and 134, and will take EX200 next to become a RHCSA. It's not part of my professional development as I'm in a non-technical role, but I'm interested to go technical.

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Greetings Red Hat Learning Community! My name is Russ Blackburn and I am on the User Experience team at Red Hat. I primarily focus on improving the UX for Subscription Management (RHSM) and Product Downloads. I've yet to take advantage of Red Hat courses but I hope to change that very soon. My goal is to train and learn so that I am more fluent when I speak with my customers. Thanks, Russ

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Yo -

Im Nuno Martins - Based in JHB South Africa - 

I have a mixed background predominantly focussed in the Media and Entertainment infrastructure - So my focus has always been on storage and file systems, with backing skills around Linux and OpenSource as well as the enterprise platforms Apple used to offer many many years ago.  I have been a linux user since my youth, but professionally its something I am really passionate about. 

I have a strong consulating background and you will typically find me building solutions or testing POC at the bigger broadcasters and Post Production houses. 

I recently became a RHCI and am hoping to diving more and more into that as well as keeping a strong consulting fucus. 

This year is the year I hope to get my RHCA and I am currently studing Ansible and CEPH.  Really keen on sharing perhaps diverse know-how and learning on here

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer


My name is Jason Hiatt and I am from Indiana.

I am an infrastructure developer for a financial company.  I do lots of scripting and automation and I manage several OpenShift clusters.

I have been using Linux and Open Source software since the late 90s and have been an active member in the tech community.

I hope to get my RHCA this year and am currently studying for the EX405 exam.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, golf and billiards.


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