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Does Redhat Openstack certifications teach Openstack Multinode installation?

As far as I know, None of the certifications on openstack teaches multinode installation like real time setup in a data center.

I just want to know redhat teaches the multinode installtion of openstack in any of their courses.

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Hi, Deepak, in our courses we explain precisely how that works. And the instructor will demonstrate how to do some parts of the installation/deployment. We also examine the director templates, comparing those to the classroom setup that was deployed with those templates.

But you are right, the students don't practice all the steps of the installation. But after doing the demo, and the practices students do, they get a pretty good picture about it

Being the main reason that this course is designed to teach you the building blocks for any deployment, every company the deployment is different..

Hope this helps undestand


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Hi Deepak,

And please remember that we don't have unlimited hardware for students to implement a truly "real-world" OpenStack deployment.

We offer training in multiple modalities.

For traditional Instructor-Led-Training (ILT) we are contrained by locally available consumer grade hardware. This restricts our deployment to only go multi-node for compute nodes, not an entirely highy-available controller/storage configuration. Even there we are pushing the limits in some geographies.

For our self-paced and online students, while we bump up the contraints from ILT, we are still constrained by a "reasonableness" on cost. Since we are able to successfully demonstrate the more advanced configurations as Rodolfo points out in ILT, we continue to borrow that with the videos and VC trainings available for our self-paced students.

Not sure we will ever get to the point of offering an entire play *data center* for each and every student. OpenStack is definitely pushing the limits for our curriculum developers to creatively instruct our students, while still providing valid practice.

Our curriculum and certification teams are *very* focused on ensuring that our certified students are able to demonstrate real-world skills.

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Thank you

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Thank you!

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