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Failed 2 times on EX380

Greeting All,
I filled 2 times on EX380 yesterday and last month the strange thing is that my score is the same. However, my answer changed and was able to fix alot of stuff on yesterday exam and was sure that final application was working as expected on each question. I have a real concern on the grading script for this exam as it is also new exam just 4 month ago and there is no many people attended the same. Is there any chance to Red Hat team to do reevaluate the same manual any one has such experience to share as frankly speaking I have nothing to do more. Every thing was working as expected and if I did another retry I will add nothing!
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Please guide me, How many questions in this exam and exam time?

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The same problem here - getting 0% for the items which just worked for me - and it was a technical fact.  I would understand getting something like 40% if it was not done the way Red Hat expects - but 0% is just wrong for things which could be used for other tasks.  I opened a ticket with support, they could neither explain  nor comment anything.  I found some people on Linkedin who passed EX380 - and all of them did it with the previous exam version for OpenShift 4.6.  

I can only suspect broken logic in the estimation flow - when it stops after an incomplete item and doesn't try to check following items. But in this case, the whole exam should be either 0% or 100%.


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It's certainly not unheard of that there's an issue with the validation / scoring scripts. It needs to be brought up with the exam development team, as @Lene indicated on the previous page. 

I've personally had this exact problem with EX413, when I took it a few years ago. The exam had been updated right before I took it and the dev-team had made mistakes in the scoring scripts. Both of my failed attempts I had actually passed, but the scoring script marked me wrong. 

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