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Failed 2 times on EX380

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Greeting All,
I filled 2 times on EX380 yesterday and last month the strange thing is that my score is the same. However, my answer changed and was able to fix alot of stuff on yesterday exam and was sure that final application was working as expected on each question. I have a real concern on the grading script for this exam as it is also new exam just 4 month ago and there is no many people attended the same. Is there any chance to Red Hat team to do reevaluate the same manual any one has such experience to share as frankly speaking I have nothing to do more. Every thing was working as expected and if I did another retry I will add nothing!
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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Really great to hear, actually i failed one time but need to prepare again if you have time suggest something to start from scratch.

Starfighter Starfighter


What resource(s) did you use to prepare for the exam?

Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I've passed EX380 at a third attempt and 480 at 2nd attempt. My advices are :
1. Practice with labs from ROL as much as you can. Mostly, 90% of exam scope is based on labs taken from learning materials.
2. Also, I've highly recommend to setup your own CRC cluster or use Openshift sandbox and start doing things from scratch. You will learn a lot with this approach.I'm always preparing for RH exams in this way.
3. Study documentation and try to remember wher particular services, parts are placed.
4. If you can do something via UI, just do it. For me result matters, so if any task is better to do via UI, do it via UI. 
5. Learn how things works, then how they are connected eachother. 

~RHCA Infra Level IV~
Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hi, passed even if with a low score the EX380, actually some tasks that were working I was given a low score... it would be useful to know the errors that were made


Today i failed in EX380, StorageClass issue. I created PV and PVC and PVC give the error that there is no PV. Please check the exam, and if this is the part of exam. Please let me know where i can check this in official book.



Hello @RedhatPK !

I am not sure what is in the exam ( even if it is there I cannot discuss it because of the NDA ). 

You should refer the EX380 objectives and match it with the course respectively and prepare it accordingly : 

For the persistent storage part you can refer Chapter 08 in DO380 



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At this point I can't recommend that anyone attempt the EX380. I have also failed twice and this is after confirming that every question was answered and working. I made a request to support to look into it, but since other people on this thread said that nothing came of it, the only solution is not to attempt this exam until a new version comes out. I strongly encourage anyone thinking about taking this exam to wait until a version after 4.10 is available. I have never seen a Red Hat exam graded this poorly, and (though I cannot explain it without breaching NDA), I know for sure that there are questions that require that you solve it the way the grading script expects (even though your answer completes the question exactly as requested and would be right in "the real world") or it will be marked 0%. It is truly embarassing and should be fixed and the people affected reimbursed somehow. I will update my answer if anything comes of the support ticket I have created.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I passed with the lowest score! and at this point I'm happy about it! actually some of the score assessments on the various sections are equivocal. However, I must add that I was unable to complete the last task due to running out of time

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I've had exactly same experience with 4.14 version. Passed on second take and still lost some points for whatever reason. One of the questions basically had two possible solutions to something, I've chosen option 1 and I guess grading script expected option 2. And the worst is that the task didn't say NOT to do option 1. At this point it's just guess game and not a real exam validating your skills.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Same issue happened to me. i took the exam two times and failed on both.  i was sure i  did the exam questioned got the required output correct.  but it gave me 0 one some questions. 

The exam  environemnt  had also an issue,  that is one of the question had an issue at the beginning and cannot continue the other sub-questions

evenif i am going to try for 3rd time, i don't know what i am going to add new . And i am really frustrated with Redhat.

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