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Community Manager

Questions about getting ready for your Red Hat remote exam?

This thread is dedicated to connect you with Red Hat subject matter experts who can help answer your questions regarding Red Hat remote exams. Please see the following resources for Red Hat Remote Exams below:

For questions on scheduling or redeeming your exams,  please use the Red Hat Certification team comment form here. 

**Our subject matters experts in the Red Hat Learning Community will not be assisting with tasks related to scheduling exams. 

Deanna L
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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

We can start this list here.

I can confirm that Logitech C920 is working with the RE environment.


Hi @PiotrS ,

I think we should make a separated topic for that, it would be more neat and tidy.

I am wondering, as I am being employed by Red Hat, to what information we should provide to be sufficient and appropriate. For example the viewing angle, etc...Also, for example what if the autofocus was not required because the candidate had also a laptop internal webcam, and used that so the proctor can read the ID. The requirement of having 1 external webcam would be met, the external webcam recommended (by the candidate) despite the possibility that the candidate actually used the laptop internal webcam for reading the ID.

That is why I think, if we make such a topic, it would be some sort of not official recommendations, or it would have to be verified. We could not recommend a model, for example, when not entirely respecting the requirements or knowing about the candidate setup. We can't test every webcams either.

More over, the Remote Exam live environment is updated, what if, we do not recommend a webcam which would work later due to unknown fix made in another version of the RE Live Exam?

I think the topic is rather simple, yet to be technically accurate, we would need to be a bit careful.

Having said that the official recommendation is rather wide on purpose (Webcam: One external webcam with at least a 1m cable).

I want to encourage you to create such a dedicated topic on this forum, sharing is caring! I hope that the candidates will take the recommendations with a bit of care, to avoid disappointement.



Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Brand Name: WILDHD, Model: ASIN B08BF7PM73 passed the compatibility test.


Hi @StephenG ,

I see you already got answers to help you in your predicament. I want to offer additional information for your understanding, and I am sorry to hear you did not attend your exam on the Summer Bank Holiday in UK as planned.

I'm quoting the official requirement and some your answer: "Webcam: One external webcam with at least a 1m cable" doesn't really offer much clarity. 

That is very right. It does not, on purpose. In fact, it was reduced to avoid being too restrictive and create some problems with candidates. For example, it used to be recommending a Wide Angle external camera. Wide Angle is somehow defined from a viewing angle equal or higher than 90°. Such statements had problems, what about a webcam with viewing angle of 70°? 80°?. Also, many shops worldwide were not allowing user to select a webcam with a "wide viewing angle", worse, some specifications were hidding that data. As a workaround, some teams at Red Hat decided to be more flexible, and the proctors also received instructions to be more comprehending. As discussed here with other users, candidates, we are free to create a dedicated topic and list the webcam that worked best (which would be a mix of it had a wide angle, it was able to autofocus so the proctor read the ID properly, etc...).

As for your heavy investment and your decision to postpone the scheduled exam, I feel sorry that you made such choices, in the context of Red Hat Remote Exams. If we had the opportunity to discuss here before hand, we would have provided the help you needed. We would have recommended you to attend the remote exam, based on the information you wrote on this forum, I think the proctor would have been able to use your webcam properly. Or to help you reschedule if that was really needed. As for the investment, you are free to use your money as you please, I am just surprised how expensive it is, and it appears way over spec for the purpose of Red Hat Remote Exams. The good news is that you can use that computer for other purposes, the bad news is that it won't make the Red Hat Remote Exams more simpler to pass... We can run that Remote Exam environment on cheaper computer (which translates into technical terms of probably less powerful and older hardware). In fact that is the first time I hear about someone specifically buying a computer for that purpose. We have read on this forum a few people using their work computer (which sometimes adds technical difficulties are they are not in control of the security and sometimes there are secure boot settings preventing booting from a live USB device). Some could be creative and even borrow a friend's laptop (provided it fits the requirements).

I wanted to conclude that the Remote Exams offers some much needed flexibility, they are not mandatory and certainly not requiring any purchase that looks that expensive.

Moving on, these Red Hat certifications exams are usually rather difficult for many users, once you pass the initial learning curve with the hardware requirements, the best advice is to focus on more positive sides. Such as the fact that with these Remote Exams, you won't have to travel and invest time for that. I can openly share that a while ago, when there were only exams in Training Centers, I have failed an exam attempt because I was angry about a Red Hat related technical issue. The point I should have focused on the exam and not on whatever occured. Expensive Lesson learned (and shared).

I wish you good luck with your Remote Exam!










Do I need sound/speakers? I do have an external microphone/webcam combo, but I do not have speakers. Can the exam be fully completed and proctored using only the chat tool?


Hi @tomS1 ,

Speakers aren't needed for the exam and its only use would be to alert incoming messages from the proctor. (There is a visual notification alert on the chat tool/icon, which alerts messages either way). 
The microphone/webphone combo should work for the exam but please check if the microphone is detected on the RE image . (Boot to the RE image, go to settings > sound > select the input device)

Can the exam be fully completed and proctored using only the chat tool?

The proctor will communicate with a candidate, only via the chat tool and the exam will be proctored using the audio/video feeds from the microphone/webcam. So, you should be good to go as long as all other requirements here are met.

Hope this clarifies.

Best Regards



Do we have any specific min requirements for an external webcam? Or can I use dslr as external camera?




Hi @Sharma ,

Have you read the Getting Ready document, listing the requirements? 



Webcam: One external webcam with at least a 1m cable.


A DSLR would not be accepted by the proctor, it would be a smart device, explicitally forbidden (see FAQ).


Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Can I use my country national identity card to clarify my identity in the remote exam?.....(this national identity card is in my mother language not in English )...I don't have a driving license or a passport....Is their any alternative to clarify the identity except above method?

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