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ACTION REQUESTED: Possible new RHA course. Please provide your input.

RHA Instructors & Admins,

We have a few Red Hatters who are working on creating some curriculum outside of RHA. Our RHA team is trying to determine if it would be valuable to add this curriculum to our RHA library of courses. This project is in an exploratory phase only, but your input will help our team determine next steps.

What we need from you: Please read the course description and the course prerequisites below and respond in the comments of this thread with the following info:

  • Your name
  • Your school
  • Do any of your students meet the prereqs for this course? Yes/No
  • Would you be interested in teaching at your school? Yes/No

Course Description:

Linux is the most widely used operating system in the world. The core software component of the Linux operating system is the kernel. A couple of its roles include managing hardware interactions, virtualizing system resources, and enforcing security constraints. In effect, Linux kernel powers almost all of the world’s top supercomputers, android phones, and an innumerable variety of other computers. This course will introduce students to Linux kernel development by focusing on device driver development. This will give students hands-on experience working with internal Linux kernel APIs and provide an overview of some of the core features and components of the kernel. Gaining an understanding of the inner workings of the operating system and how to make changes to it will give students an invaluable perspective on how their computers work behind the scenes that will reveal a new layer of understanding to apply to any future software engineering practice.


Knowledge of C, Moderately comfortable with Linux CLI, Basic computer hardware knowledge, Basic familiarity with git, Good data structures foundation and basic understanding of algorithms and Recommended: operating system knowledge.


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Lea Fenske, Red Hat Academy NA
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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

my name is Kostas and I am a students ambassador at 42 Wolfsburg.

I find this course pretty interesting and I would dare say that many of my peers would share the same opinion, since the prerequisites for the course, are similar to what we study in our core curriculum.
I would not be able to teach it since I am nearly over with my studies, but I would gladly take it and help in every way possible.
Hope I answered your questions, looking forward to hear more about this topic.
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