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Red Hat Academy Welcomes you to the RHLC!

Welcome to the Red Hat Learning Community! As a Red Hat Academy community within the Red Hat Learning Community, let's get to know more about one another. Reply to this post with details about yourself, what school you are with, what RHA courses you are teaching/plan to teach, any skills you would like to develop, and a fun fact to share with your fellow RHLC and RHA community members! 

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Hi all. My name is Petersen Gross and I am an Assistant Professor at Leeward Community College in Hawaii. Several years ago I redeveloped our Operating Systems course to focus on Linux. We currently are not offering any of the RHA courses as I would need to sit down and redevelop the course again. It currently is more geared towards the Linux+ certification. I have not been teaching the course either due to our security programing becoming more popular, so I had to shift to teaching those courses. Eventually it'd be nice to update the course and incorporate some RHA skills within it. I've been using Linux for over 20 years and the first distro I used was Slackware with 2.2.17 as the kernel version. It is crazy to see how Linux has changed over the years!

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Hello Group,

My name is Mark Smith and I teach at Oak Hills High School in Hesperia, CA--a smallish "suburb" of San Bernardino/Los Angeles located in the High Desert of Southern California. I was tasked with starting an IT pathway for our district and left teaching English, history, and video productions after 13 years to do this. It might seem an odd fit, but my Master's is in Instructional Technology and I've been messing around with computers since my Commodore 64 in the mid 80's. I have also owned a side business doing IT work and website design/hosting (Linux of course) since 1998.

I started my IT program here five years ago. I was tasked with starting a Cisco Academy, which we--by we I mean I as it's just me lol--have fully implemented at this point with IT Essentials (A+ cert training), CCNA 1 and CCNA 2 (for CCENT training). This year, we expanded more so there is a Freshmen Introduction to Computer Science course focused mainly on Python and CompTIA ITF+ certification. After having met Trisha at a conference, I was inspired to fine tune my pathway to include Red Hat. So my pathway that I'm slowly rolling out is Freshmen year-Intro to Comp Sci, Sophomore year-IT Essentials, Junior year-CCNA 1, and then Senior year will be a capstone where students will either complete CCNA 2 or RH 124 and RH 134. I am so excited to be offering this new infusion. So, theoretically, a high schooler could leave high school with Python knowledge and an ITF+ cert, an A+ cert, and a CCENT or RHCSA cert! To me, this pathway seems like a great start for students to start their IT future. This year I've got about four CCNA 1 students doing RH124 as a beta test. So far, they are eating it up and doing quite well. We also have an after school club that focuses on cybersecurity and the kids do various cybersecurity/hacking competitions with that knowledge.

Fun Fact: Okay, two fun facts. I first started using Linux in the late 90s with Mandrake. I continued with various distros over the years and all of my kids, now adults, grew up running Linux (they were so confused when their peers didn't know what it was lol). I also ran a fairly popular BBS, for the San Gabriel/Inland Empire valleys in Southern California, in the mid eighties. It was a nighttime only BBS--aptly named Star Frontiers after the RPG-because I used to have to take my phone down at night. I was living with my mother and a stepfather who had a private line in my room. They were afraid I would use the phone at night, so I had to physically hand them my phone every night. So I did. Then I plugged in my modem and ran my BBS all night on my C64. I did have one awkward experience when a fellow sysop came over to my house to buy my Atari 2600 off of me. She was a thirty year old woman. I was 12. So she came to my door and asked my mother if I was home--she pointed up upstairs and she came to my room and we conducted our business. My mother never even asked me about that event lol.

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@MarkS wrote:

I also ran a fairly popular BBS, for the San Gabriel/Inland Empire valleys in Southern California, in the mid eighties. It was a nighttime only BBS--aptly named Star Frontiers . . . ran my BBS all night on my C64.


Interestingly, I also ran BBS systems for over a decade in Houston, TX, then San Diego, CA, then in the Aleutian Islands (Adak), and finally in the SF Bay Area. (Can you tell I'm former military - Navy?)

Orginally it was called Ye Olde Inn III (running BASIC on a C64) and later Starport Valhalla (WWIV on PCs). I switched to WWIV software because the C source code was available. I ended up creating almost 100 modifications (mods) and utilities for it; it is how I learned to most of my C programming.

Searching Google for "Starport Valhalla" just now certainly brought back a lot of memories - I found a number of my articles that appeared in the WWIV newletter (I was Papa Bear 1@5079)...

Program Lead at Arizona's first Red Hat Academy, est. 2005
Estrella Mountain Community College
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Love it! Thanks for sharing that!

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Hello All,

We just became a Red Hat Academy and you can guess who got put in charge.  We've been teaching Linux for a while with the NDG material But are planning to switch over to the Red Hat courseware.  We are contemplating combining the 124 and 134 courses into a single 16 week offering.

I'd be curious to hear what other think.


Lawrence Rodis

Warmest Regards,

Lawrence Rodis
College of Southern Nevada
Faculty - CIT Department
Microsoft and Linux System Administration Lead

RJ Podeschi
Associate Professor of Information Systems
Millikin University

Hi all! I currently used the Red Hat curriculum in my IT Infrastructure course to get students introduced to Linux and familiarize themselves with the operating system. Many of them have never even seen Linux, so it's a great way to expose them to somethhing new while building an important skill set.

I also use this opportunity to introduce them to virtualization so that they can learn how to build their own Linux environment outside of the classroom for further exploration and training.

I'm mostly using the RHA content embedded into the existing course content for IT Infrastructure, so we aren't running a full-fledged course exclusive to RH quite yet. I have a System Administration course proposal going through our curriculum committee this semester that would hopefully put the RHA System Admin I course as the primary focus of this new course beginning next academic year.



Hi Everyone,

My name is Paul  Chance, and I'm an assistant professor at College of the Mainland in Texas City, TX.  I've been teaching two 16 week courses that focused on the old Linux+ materials, along with A+, Security+, and a handful of other courses when needed.  I applied as a Red Hat Academy when I saw that Linux+ was converting to a single test, and I didn't think that would fit our two course format.  I'm really excited by the Red Hat content, and I've already setup a trial account with NDG to evaluation the online labs.  I'm not exactly sure how the classes will be formatted, but some of the post on here regarding assessment have been really useful.  I think the courses will be a combination of the online HTML materials, NDG Labs (with screenshots, thanks!) and some additional in-class labs and exams created by me.  With new A+ materials coming out too, this is going to be a busy summer.

OK, Fun Fact time:  I knew nothing about Linux until a job sent me to the RH  133 & 253 one week boot camps back in 2001.  Talk about eye opening!  I'm not sure how much I retained then, but I immediatley started playing with different distros and slowly migrated myself to Linux as much as I could.  I'm still learning and enjoying the OS, and amazed by how it's changed over the years.  I really enjoy teaching these courses, and I love watching students go from skeptical to enthusiast throughout two 16 week courses.

Oh, one more:  A buddy and I also ran a BBS in the Houston area back in the early 1990s called Last Chance BBS.  What a small world.....


College of the Mainland


I will like to become a Red Hat Academy Instructor(or an instructor for the corporate classes). I am based in Northern Virginia and currently certified as RHCE(6 and 7), working on RHCSA 8 now and planning for my RHCA journey.

Any recommendations for tutoring?


Arrey Ashu

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What tutor? It's just the same between RHEL 7 and 8, nothing change much. I think for corporate classes you need to contact the local RH representrative for it. This's only for University, College or such

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Hello, I'm Benyamin Limanto, I'm new on RHLC, I'm RHCSA graduate (just now, since monday, 27 July 2019), and I'm teaching on Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Surabaya ( / now can be called Institut Sains dan Teknologi Terpadu Surabaya ( ! I will teach RH124 and RH134 on this semester on my university, and Thanks for RH giving a great curriculum. Thanks!

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