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Welcome to the Red Hat Learning Community! As we build a diverse community dedicated to collaborative, open source learning, let's get to know more about each other. Reply to this post with details about yourself, your background,  the skills you want to develop (or have developed ), career stories, favorite Red Hat courses, fun facts and anything else you may want to share with your fellow RHLC community members! 

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Hello All, I'm glad to join the community.  I'v been in IT for a while having ridden each technology wave and am now riding high on Red Hat.  Got to lose my job when the first dot com bubble burst, was there when the world ended with Y2K. Watched my certifications become meaningless (ie Novel CNE, Blackberry, Sun) or turn into something great from just a hobby (VMware, RHEL).

Focused today on Managing an Enterprise Linux team for a big shop.  So will be looking to take what I know today (RHEL 4 up to 7 and  Satellite) to the next skill level.  As well would like to deep dive into Containers as it seems we could eliminate a lot of traditional problems with them.  Extra credit if I can get Ansible under my belt.  Will be looking to use RHEL learning subsciption to get all that off the ground.

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hello World! My name is David Heib, and I hail from Colorado, USA. I'm in software QA, but also teach red hat courses part time. I love open source and all things red hat! I love teaching all my courses (rh124/134/254), and have been currently learning about ansible. I attended 2018's red hat summit and took a seminar about it, and am hooked! My hobbies revolve around the Colorado outdoors, including hiking, biking, camping, and skiing.

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As a Fieldmanager and responsible for Learning & Development at Conclusion Xforce, I try to keep up to speed on what's hot and happening. Based on this I can help my colleagues decide what courses and exams to take.

My own latest certification was for RHEL6 back in 2011. :) However, I think it's nice to keep in touch with the Red Hat portfolio.


Evert Jan

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Hello! I am a communications/marketing professional turned software engineer (intern at the time of posting). I am currently going back to school for my bachelor's in computer science. Only 6 more months to go!

I work on the Katello (plugin for Foreman) development team, under the Satellite umbrella.

I have not taken any Red Hat courses, but hope that this will be a great first step in that process. Looking forward to the conversations here.

IRC: micjohns (freenode and Red Hat)

Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Lots of Red Hat employees here :). I'll try to boost the ranks of non -RH employes :).

I'm Bogdan from Romania. I've discovered linux back in 2003 when I was in college. I was fascinated ( first distro was Knoppix). 

In 2005 as my diploma project I presented an alternative to the Microsoft AD based on Samba + OpenLdap with a web interface written in PHP.

I've started working with enterprise RHEL in 2007 and still working now with RHEL (albeit a bit different now since I'm using Ansible and Puppet for automation and moving some of our apps to OpenShift)

My workstation is a Lenovo laptop but my homebox is an Fedora I7 4770, 32 GB RAM , 480 GB SSD , 1TB HDD.

I use Linux as my main os since 2009 and Fedora since 2012 and never looked back.

@RedHat instructors

I see lot of praise for your classes. Perhaps you should impose the same standards to your parteners.

For most my RH exams I learned from products admin guided which I think are fanstatic. But for my Ansible certification the company sent us to training(first RH training in my life). The material is great but the class itself sucked, big time.

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Good night! my name its renzo from Arequipa Peru, i I've been working with Red Hat around for 6 years! i am listen for new advice for any RH trainings. today i work in consultancy company in IT, networking and telecom services

Renzo Portilla - Itelcom Peru
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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Basically, I was a student but not officially graduated from any college. I loved Linux when the first time I used it from that day I started learning all stuff I can learn on the internet and tried deploying various apps, running multiple services on Linux servers, then eventually I started working as a freelancer to help people in deploying their Web apps and Sites in cloud providers like Digital Ocean and AWS. after doing that wanted to take get a job as sysadmin or DevOps so I gave the RHCSA and RHCE exam while I was in the first year of my degree. Then I dropped out of college because education in India is worst if you can't afford to study in a better university. the university course in which I enrolled has the worst syllabus for computer engineering. Currently, I am a full stack web developer, Android Developer and I also give training for Linux, ethical hacking and coding.  I'm not sure if anybody read this but if you did give a reply to this thread :) 

Paresh Pawar
Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer


A Linux enthusiast that just doesn't feel comfortable on a computer without Linux on it.


Turku area in Finland

Working on what?

Healthcare industry Linux adoption and improvement of Linux hosting tools. Currently working mostly with Ansible possibly in form of AWX, RH Satellite, Spacewalk, VMWare, Nutanix AHV, GitLab CE, LibreNMS, Dokuwiki, etc.

Am I certified?

Currently valid is Red Hat Certified System Administrator on RHEL 7 although I got my first certification of RHCE on RHEL3. Ironically the oldest RHEL I take care of now is also RHEL3.

Courses I've taken for Red Hat products?

RH300, RH436, RHS429, RH199, RH403, current RHLS subscriber so I'll be reading a bit more of fresh courses. What I currently have on to read list is RH342, RH442, DO407, DO409, DO457, etc. First and foremost my reading list has RH254 so I get my RHCE of RHEL7 done.

What Distro I like most?

I'm a bit of a distrohopper to be honest. However, I tend to like some distribution for quite a while. My current choice is a question of convenience and documentation availability mostly I'd say. So, currently I use Arch Linux running Cinnamon on top of it. I've had my Gentoo, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu phases while getting to Arch.

On servers I take care of RHEL, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. Plus a multitude of appliance distributions as they all base themselves on a flavor of Debian or Fedora/CentOS/RHEL anyway.

How about when not computing?

I go cycling around Turku area all year round. I prefer warm weather but as usually, it's just a question of how you've prepared yourself to the road. Most interesting weather is -30 celcius to get to work and back home, especially if the road is all iced up.

I have rekindled my eagerness to photography again. I had an EOS DSLR for a while with a bunch of lenses but switching last month to a bridge DSLR camera was a good decision to my use.

IRC: jpalko (freenode)
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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I'm a sysadmin in ScotiaBank Colpatria, Colombia, before I was working as Architect Red Hat solution for a company called ComWare where I participated to realize solutions business in OpenShift, Ansible and Jboss Fuse ESB on containers.

I love creating scripts in bash, every day design scripts to automate, provision infrastructure, new deployments and assurance (hardening)

I often use Red Hat virtualization (RHV), Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat Identity Manager (IPA Server), Puppet over Satellite and Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL

With middleware I have also handled deployments and administration of the EAP.

I have participated in work shop on Jboss Fuse, 3Scale API, and take OpenShift courses Do276, Do280 and Do290 at Red Hat Colombia. I'm certified as RHCSA, and OpenStack.

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Hi all,

I am a Red Hat Consulting Architect, based in Switzerland.

My focus is on OpenShift, Integration: Fuse, AMQ, AMQ Streams (Strimzi/Kafka), API management: 3scale, JBoss middleware, microservices.

Sometimes I am involved in customer training, especially with custom consulting workshops outside the Red Hat curriculum.

Happy to connect and to contribute on


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