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CBH Cadet

Re: Introduce yourself to the Community

Who I am:

DevOps, culture and community focused. Economist. Facinated by behavioural and social sciences. Husband. Father. Endurance fiend. Outdoor enthusiast. Welsh.

Where I'm based:

Near Liverpool and Manchester in the UK

My workstation:

Some i7 MacBook Pro thing that I'm currently wrestling with having been a life long windows user. 

The discipline I enjoy the most is:

DevOps/ DevSecOps/ any other addition you want to put in there!

My favorite course to teach:

Not taught it yet, but it'll be DO500 DevOps culture and practices.

My favorite toy as a kid:


Sports I played:

Still racing:

SwimRun (I realise this normally requires some explaining, so here are a couple of videos from races I was in

Ultra distance mountain runnning, fell running & multi day mountain based orienteering

Previous life:

Competitive swimmer

Whitewater kayaker and playboater


Rugby Union (currently u9s)


Favorite Red Hat memories:

I've only just joined but as a partner I'd say: Partner day before Ansible fest 2017 and Summit 2018 was pretty special, not least because I got to tag on a trip to Yosemite after Smiley Happy 

Chris Baynham-Hughes
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Sonna Cadet

Re: Introduce yourself to the Community


Complete and utter novice when it comes to Linux. My employer is putting me through the RH124 course early next year. Very much looking forward to it and spending more time in this community.

Would appreciate any suggested reading in preparation for the course next year.

Best wishes,



Re: Introduce yourself to the Community

Hi all, 

I'm Jason, one of the few new trailblazers in the new Redhat Ambassador program. This is a student program that introduces Redhat technology into the classroom. I'm excited to bring industry-standard technology into a high school class where my peers and I can learn skills that are useful in the real world. 

Currently, I'm a high school student at CAST Tech High School in San Antonio Texas. I write programs in SQL, Python, Java, and Bash.  I'm a tech nerd that uses Java and Bash at school in Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Information technology classes. My IT class is focused on Redhat the course is RH134 here I use mainly bash as well as in Cyber Security class. As for in Computer Science is Object-oriented focused on Java. I participate in a nationwide system hardening competition called  Cyberpatriot where I write bash scripts for basic sys-admin tasks. I'm also a financial intern for a web hosting company this is where I write queries in SQL for data visualization. 

I'm not sure what I want to do as my future career, but I know it will be tech-related.



TiffanyA Cadet

Re: Introduce yourself to the Community

My name is Tiffany Alford and I have recently been selected as a Red Hat Academy Ambassador for Fayetteville Technical Community College. The RH Academy is an innovative program designed to promote Red Hat technologies with high schools and colleges/universities, and create a mesh network of mentorship, growth, and opportunities as RH professionals and students interact with one another. 

I am a career changer coming from a MBA degree background and a career in higher education administration to the realm of Information Technology. I am interested in Cybersecurity, Programming, Web development, and Information you can see my IT interests are pretty diverse!

I took my first Red Hat course (equivalent to RH124) last semester and loved working from the bash shell. It's amazing to me to see how a command typed in a bash shell can affect the GUI interface that the average user sees and has access to. I am looking forward to learning scripting and automation within Red Hat, and also working on community projects once my RH skills are more developed.

As for career goals, I would really like to be able to combine my unique artistic/creative skills with my fascination of scripting and desire to help others. I haven't quite found that niche yet in IT, but I have a feeling I'll find it through the RH Academy!

A little side note trivia about myself: I am also a freelance illustrator and have illustrated two children's books.

"Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently." ~Maria Forleo
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